This is not a boat! But it is a bike caravan which can hold a folding dinghy! Yes I know, mind blowing! The possibilities are limitless... :-D

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The woodenwidget Foldavan is a unique lightweight folding two berth bicycle caravan. It solves all the usual issues with bike caravans. Small when it has to be small and big when it has to be big. You can't buy a Foldavan, you have to build it but thanks to Woodenwidget's clever easy to follow step by step instructions it's really easy. All the materials you need to build yourself a Foldavan are easy to find almost anywhere in the world. The design is very flexible and can personalised in many ways. Never before has camping been so comfy. No more need to look for a flat surface for your tent, no more stones or tree roots poking you in the back. Plans cost a mere £30 and Woodenwidget will plant five trees for every set of plans sold.

Special Offer: Buy a Foldavan and get £10 off any Woodenwidget dinghy.* Woodenwidget will plant ten trees for every set of 'Combo' plans sold.

* This offer only applies if you buy the 'combo deal' it does not apply to products bought separately.

Saint Tropez, France - February 2014

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