Translators note: All the pages that are linked from this page are in Japanese. There is much information but on the sub-pages the most important information is in fact the photographs. kiwi

The short history of the birth of the Ve-scull - the story so far, all the versions to date

In the this page we putting our ideas in order, introducing the original experiment of the writer and proceding from there. Because this is a collection of former reports please acknowledge the fact that there is some information which overlaps.

The extra experimental number 1 oar

The first step of the original experiment, it was the failure but see for yourself...

An additional experiment, number 2 oar

Without losing hope, one more step forward...

Number 3 oar

Modernization of the traditional oar is visible

Persisting in our experiment the number 4 oar

This one actually rows!

The comparrison between 3 and 4

Trying too hard... there are also times when one learns from failure...

Suddenly you see the light and the result: number 5 oar

New structure (the established theory is overturned). The first breakthrough!

The enormous number 6 oar

So far the largest oar, but there is no experimental boat big enough for it!

New century beginning with oar 6 experiment report

A reader provides the experiment boat

Number 7

Inference, collapse of theories and an epoch-making proposal....

The strange number 8 oar

It became an epoch-making development, but the photos are not yet in order.

The oar which is quick, number 9

Worldwide beginning! The laminar flow sculling oar is born (the high-speed vertical oar) the world will never be the same =:-D

The theory behind the Ve-scull

The new development which began the collapse of the oar theory

Ve-scull 9, 10 and 11 experimental pictures

A quick picture collection is made of the most recent developments

© Copyright 2006 - Doi Atsushi. Translation © Copyright 2006 - Tony Grant. The Ve-scull and I-scull are Patent Pending world wide.

Translators notes

This translation is the work of Google Japanese to English beta version and Tony Grant with the invaluable help of the original author Doi Atsushi assisted by Koji Matano. The original version of these pages can be found at Koji Matano works as Timberline Small Craft, he has also translated "Building the Herreshoff Dinghy" into Japanese. Once again thanks to Douglas Brooks for introducing me to the Japanese boat building scene.

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