The short history of the birth of the Ve-scull

Hamana lake solar / human powered boat race 2003 - race report

The circumstances under which the " GL laboratory " participated in its first human powered boat race. We decided to participate in the middle of July, betting on the production of a boat and oar for the race date of 30th of August 2003! We somehow made the schedule!

The special racing boat is a prao

Test launching

The racing Ve-scull oar

Concerned about strength here we see the laminating process of the oar

For the race the boat is 6 metres and built in two halves.

In the middle of roughing out the Ve-scull

Race eve, the boat illuminated in the headlight of the car before launching. Making some small adjustments... (last minute improvisation before race day!)

Blade finishing and painting, if you install the arm it is finished

The official name is " solar / human powered boat race 2003". Most of the contestants are university labs and most of the other race boats are propeller type, pedal powered. Hydrofoil use is class A, non hydrofoil is class B, naturally the " GL laboratory team " is in class B.

Race morning on the water

First test navigation! Because there is no time, any adjustment is limited to a minimum. Just in case of damage a spare oar was on board.

First short distance race. We tried our best. But the university team wins.

Long distance race. The complicated mechanics of the university boats failed one after another. The reliability of the Ve-scull proves itself over this distance.

The " GL laboratory team " received the " Tenryu mayor cup "!

© Copyright 2006 - Doi Atsushi. Translation © Copyright 2006 - Tony Grant. The Ve-scull and I-scull are Patent Pending world wide.

Translators notes

This translation is the work of Google Japanese to English beta version and Tony Grant with the invaluable help of the original author Doi Atsushi assisted by Koji Matano. The original version of these pages can be found at Koji Matano works as Timberline Small Craft, he has also translated "Building the Herreshoff Dinghy" into Japanese. Once again thanks to Douglas Brooks for introducing me to the Japanese boat building scene.

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