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Chapter 6 - Deck and Exterior
Chapter 7 - Topside Details
Chapter 8 - Keel, Centerboard, and Rudder
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Chapter 10 - The Electrical System
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Chapter 12 - Sea Trials and Cruising Pictures
Chapter 13 - Future Projects ... When is a Boat Finished?
Chapter 14 - Useful Information... Sources and Links
Chapter 15 - Questions and Answers
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Chapter 17 - A Few Good Ideas
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Chapter 14 - Useful Information

Must Read Boatbuilding Book

"Devlin's Boat Building", Samuel Devlin, http://www.devlinboat.com/

If you are even thinking about building a stitch and glue boat, buy this book and read it at least twice before continuing. Sam claims to have built over 500 boats and he has shared much of what he has learned in his book. Now, he also sells a video (which I haven't seen). Check out his designs also. I expect that his plans are backed up by the experience of building at least one of the boats in his shop.

Vagabond Plans

Just in case you missed it elsewhere, contact Jacques Mertens for plans, http://www.bateau.com/


Sorensen Woodcraft, 13307 Ave. 22 1/2, Chowchilla CA 93610 Phone 209-665-2690 Order 800-891-1808. This is where I bought my plywood.

Sorenson is a stocking dealer for Edensaw, http://www.olympus.net/edensaw/ an excellent source for fine lumber. I ordered clear, western red cedar from Edensaw for my sauna and it was top quality. Even the packing crate, I discovered contained rough sawn but clear spruce and fir which I have milled into parts for the Vagabond.

Resin and glass fabric:

System Three Resins, Inc., PO Box 70436, Seattle, WA 98107, Order phone 800-333-5514.http://www.systemthree.com/ Try their trial kit which includes a copy of their excellent must read "The Epoxy Book". I ordered a resin, glass and supplies kit from Jacques Mertens, Boat Plans Online

I tried a sample of MAS resin http://www.masepoxies.com/ and liked the results but had a hard time finding it and found it pricey. I discovered a stocking dealer in San Diego. Admiralty Marine, 2810 Carelton Street, San Diego, CA 92106 Phone 619-222-0334. Ask about prices, you might be able to get a reasonable price.

Trash compactor and watertight toilet paper holder:

Welcome Aboard, PO Box 5025-338, Costa Mesa, CA 92628, Phone 800-295-AHOY

High Tech Interior Light: 

 Alpenglow Marine Lights, PO Box 415, Eureka, MT 59917, Phone 406-889-3586

 I purchased the 9 watt unit with red LEDs and high low switches. The compact fluorescent provides more and better spread out light than competing lights for about the same power and draws only 0.4 amps on the low setting (very important to a small cruiser without a gen set!). The LEDs provide night lighting at the flick of a switch. Besides, the workmanship is beautiful. One centrally located light illuminates the entire Vagabond interior.


I have purchased lots of stuff from West Marine. Nice people to deal with in spite of their size.

I found a wonderful store in San Diego, Sailing Supply, Inc., 2822 Canon St., San Diego, CA 92106, 800-532 3831, mailto:SAILING_SUPPLY@msn.com This store has the best stock and display of sailboat hardware I've ever seen.

Another very accommodating store is Downwind Marine, 2804 Canon St., San Diego, CA 92106 619-224-2733 http://www.downwindmarine.com/ Downwind is the favorite source for cruisers but they offered to give me a bid on a list of things I needed to complete the Vagabond. They are famous for supporting cruisers anywhere in the world. Just browsing their site will make you want to go cruising.

Boat Trailers

Garges Custom Trailers, 267 Beach, Inglewood, CA 90302, 310-673-8997. I purchased a custom, galvanized trailer for the Vagabond. Since my van requires brakes for trailer weighs over 1500 pounds, I ordered the trailer with an electric brake controller and disk brakes. Garges has since closed their shop and moved to a new location.

Roller Reefing/Furling

Hood Yacht Systems just announced a new Sea Flex system for trailerable boats 18 to 26 feet. It sounds perfect for the Vagabond. They'll be available from JSI, West Marine and others. Street price expected to be about $350.

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