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Chapter 7 - Topside Details
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Chapter 13 - Future Projects ... When is a Boat Finished?
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Chapter 13 - Future Projects...When is a Boat Finished?

Here is a picture of the galley table I added. The table fits in three positions: In the center, on the starboard side, and on the port side. In each location, the table can be moved up to 8 inches in 4 inch increments. You can just see the cleat that holds the table at my left elbow. The cleat has short dowels each 4 inches to match holes in the edge of the table. We use rubberized carpet non-skid as a tablecloth. The table is shown "fiddle side up" in the picture. The table can also be mounted upside down so it has a flat top in the "chart table mode". The leg is removable and lays diagonally across the top. The table stows up above the footwell on the starboard side. I lay the 11 watt flexible solar panel on top for storage. Now you are probably going to ask if it mounts in the cockpit too...not yet.


For the next cruise, I added a spice rack, recipe box with recipe holder in front, and a knife holder. We bought a bunch of prescription bottles from a pharmacy. The recipe rack holds 4"x6" cards. The rack has a double front so the recipe in use is held behind the clear window for the cook to see. In the next picture, you can see Edith baking bread in our Optimus oven. The bread was a "no knead" recipe we picked up from another cruiser while on our Santa Cruz Island cruise. The bread was good. We even made French toast for breakfast the next morning.

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