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Chapter 12 - Sea Trials And Cruise Pictures

We trailered the boat up to the Wooden Boat Festival held each year in September in Pt. Townsend, WA. When we returned from the Festival in 1999, we finally put the boat in the water for sea trials. We sailed around Oxnard on several day sails to work out the bugs. In April 2000, we joined others for the First Mead Madness trip in fresh water for a change. We joined a friend for a buddy boat trip to Catalina. After a second trip to Catalina, we drove up to Oakland to participate in the Small Craft Advisor Cruiser Challenge II. We hope to get a little calibration to see how the boat performed against similar sized commericially available boats. By September 2000, it was time to head back to the Wooden Boat Festival again. This time Just Right was displayed in the water. We had a chance to participate in the sail off at the end of the festival. From Port Townsend, we took the ferry across to Whidbey Is. At Anacortes, we launched the boat and spent a delightful week in the San Juan Islands.

Showing Off at the Wooden Boat Festivals

About 28,000 people attended the 1999 Wooden Boat Festival. In the first picture, you can see Edith giving her continuous three day lecture on the virtues of the Vagabond. Several famous people stopped by to give us a grade. Jim Brown, designer, and Sam Devlin, designer and builder of stitch and glue boats told us the boat looked good. Mr. Freeman of System Three Resins stopped by to check out his product. Steve Radar from Schooner Creek Boatyard and John Guzwell's son also stopped by. There was lots of interest in the boat and we received many wonderful comments.


Late in the afternoon, the crowds cleared and the locals came out to have a peek at the Vagabond.


Sea Trial...In the Water at Last

Friends Bear and Lynn decided that in the rush to leave, Just Right might miss a real christening. They brought over several bottles of champagne, not that it takes two bottles to christen a boat but it makes for a better celebration. Due to environmental regs in Thousand Oaks, real or imagined, we sprinkled a little on the boat and partied with the rest.


The boat sits low on the trailer and looks pretty sleek. We decided to launch with a crane for the first time, besides, I am still learning to back up much less negotiate a launch ramp. She floated on her lines just as I predicted.


What's right about this picture? Anybody smiling? You bet. She's Just Right!

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