I call this Q&N model making - Quick & Nasty - so they aren't perfect but help visualise a concept.

The teddy bear crayon is there for scale =:-D. To the right the first quick rough cut and to the left the "final" frames.

This shows the general idea - the two sides are not the same, there is a cupboard behind the galley so the window is shorter. You can see the inclined chart table that forms the head roof - no standing room in the head for people over 1.70m but this is a place where headroom isn't as important as elsewhere.

The bathroom from the other side

View of the main cabin. The frame opposite the chart table is about the middle of the helm seat. The cabin is huge! The table will be a folding teak garden table held in place by a nifty little system. One bench/single berth and a couple of folding teak chairs complete the dining area. A second single berth is provided by a folding canvas camping bed that is set up when the table is folded and stowed.

In front of the helm station we see the side of the cupboard that replaces the downstairs galley of the original version. This cupboard will have a fold down desk for a sewing machine - her hobby - and space for a few shirts on hangers for those restaurant meals ashore... Drawers under. The steps down are moved forward leaving even more space in front of the motor yet the bathroom door is free to swing open into the passage way. A sliding door inside the bathroom is of course an option.

Cardboard finished! Now to wood and foam - and 20x bigger =:-D

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