About the Samoa 28

We designed the Samoa 28 to be the most complete ocean sail boat of her size among the stock plans for amateur construction. We wanted a fast and comfortable cruising boat with a performance compatible with racing designs, and at the same time capable of sailing in a round the world trip, having a small family for crew, or single-handed, if wished. When in harbour or anchored, she had to be as comfortable as a small cottage, with at least the minimum amenities expected to be found in a live-aboard yacht.

The Samoa 28 stock plan is just beginning its career as one of the most promising twenty-eight footers in the market. There are already more than twenty boats being built in six different countries, all that happening in a little more than one year since its introduction. Meanwhile the popularity of the design never ceased to be expanding, what makes us be sure that very soon it will become a very popular class. We invite you to follow us in a tour of the construction method and feature details of the Samoa 28:
The construction begins with the production of moulds which will give the shape of the hull. Their full size patterns are supplied with the plans in the form of printed paper or digital information, as required.
After positioning the moulds over a building base, wooden or foam strips are lightly nailed to the moulds, until the whole hull is planked. Next the outside surface of the hull is sheathed with a fibreglass lamination. Then the boat is turned upside, and after removing the moulds, another fibreglass lamination is applied internally. The internal structure and furniture are then built.
Finally deck and cabin trunk are built with plywood over structural beams, and a layer of fibreglass is then laid over, overlapping the topsides, encapsulating the whole superstructure.
The plans contain a building manual which covers in detail all phases of the construction; engine, electrical and plumbing installation, as well as information concerning deck fittings, keel and rudder attachments.

The Samoa 28 differs from other similar designs regarding how the internal bottom structure is specified. The difference consists in the way the structural floors are attached. The spaces between them are filled with polyurethane foam, except for two wells, port and starboard, where two automatic bilge pumps will be later installed Then a layer of fibreglass is applied on this flat surface, going down these two bilge wells, this way providing an unique, clean looking, internal flat bottom where the installation of bulkheads is tremendously facilitated. This method of construction also ensures an incomparable stiffness to the hull's bottom, a welcome feature, especially when cruising, if the boat ever hits the ground.

The Samoa 28 is a sturdy and light boat. She is equally adequate for cruising or racing. Depending on the preference, the owner may opt for a special racing keel, with more draught and with a lower centre of gravity. The rudder and the sail plan, however, remain the same.

What makes the Samoa 28 suitable to live aboard and to accomplish long distance blue water cruising is the balance of the internal arrangement, where all of her compartments are equally comfortable and functional. The idea of incorporating the forward double berth with the dinette area without partitions is the best option in a 28 footer, giving an unequalled impression of amplitude to the boat's main living area. The galley and the heads occupy the beamier portion of the interior, enabling those very important compartments to have plenty of room, for the crew's comfort when the boat is used more intensely. The after cabin is ample and airy, besides being provided with a hall with adequate headroom, with its sofa and locker. The engine compartment fits nicely under the companionway hatch, its cover serving as a step for accessing the cabin. We opted for a long and comfortable cockpit with tiller steering, but there is no restriction for the installation of wheel steering, if this is the owner's preference.

There are already various Samoas 28 with their hulls already concluded, but probably the first to be sailing will be the one built by Daniel D'Angelo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel has the interior already concluded and is presently finishing his deck and cabin trunk. We expect to see the first Samoa 28 already sailing during next year, and this almost for certain will happen in the River Plate.

To know more about our stock plans for amateur construction visit our site: www.yachtdesign.com.br
Roberto Barros
Rio de Janeiro, November 2006
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